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Yummy Gluten Free Bread

gluten free bread


I made my first loaf of gluten free bread yesterday. I have been procrastinating about this for weeks because the first and only time I tasted gluten free bread I didn’t like it at all. The kind I tried eating was dense, dry, and tasteless.
So, I found a recipe using almond flour and started mixing up the batter. I was concerned with the fact that the recipe called for FIVE eggs. I was unimpressed with how thick and yellow the batter looked. Overall, I thought it would turn out to be a brick that would go directly from the oven into the trash can.
gluten free bread slicedI was pleasantly surprised when I cut into the loaf and it was soft, and pretty, and had the consistency of a loaf of plain old white sandwich bread. The flavor was very neutral, but it would be fine for toast or sandwiches. It didn’t taste egg-y at all.
I made another loaf this morning and added slightly more honey to give it that hint of sweetness that most sandwich bread has. It turned out better than the first loaf!
Gluten free bread is never going to taste or chew like wheat flour bread, but it doesn’t have to be bad bread. It’s just different.

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