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Retirement – What’s that?

Hello! Thank you for visiting our online home.

I have started a few blogs over the last ten years. One was about books and writing. The two current ones are about cooking and old-fashioned living, respectively. I also blog for Grit magazine. So, when my husband floated the idea of us running a business together, I was all ears. He has a corporate job, but his heart isn’t in it. His grand retirement plan is to buy some land and start a CSA, and rent out land to Tiny Home owners.

I am all in on the idea, but we need to fund the project. To that end, I have created this website for the express purpose of documenting our progress, and to sell some of the things we make. We make cold process soaps, lip balms, body balms, and salves. You can click on the link to get to our Etsy shop.

Please come back to see what’s new!



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