Baked and Canned Goods

We are Minnesota Cottage Food Producers. This means we are licensed to sell baked and canned goods we make in our home kitchen. We are NOT allowed to ship food products.


BaguettesWe have been cooking for years, and friends and family have all said at one time or another “You should be selling your food!” Well, up until 2015, that was against the law in Minnesota. if you’re interested in reading about MN Cottage Food Law, click here.



Peanut Butter CookiesWe make cookies, cakes, breads, quick breads and we can pickles, salsa, tomato sauce, diced tomatoes, and relish. We’ll be selling our goods this Summer at the Le Sueur Family Night at the Park, and at the Lydia Farmer’s Market. Please reach out to me at or 651-331-6334 if you’d like to order some yummy treats!


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