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A Funny Thing Happened…

So, time really got away from us over the last few months, which may seem strange considering there weren’t a lot of outside distractions (ahem – thanks Covid). The garden at our neighbor’s house produced many pounds of produce – we ate, we shared, we donated to the local food shelf. And then a funny thing happened.

It seemed like the straw that broke the camel’s back at the time but read on to see what felt like a minor tragedy turned into something fantastic!

Our neighbors had been planning to build a pole barn on their property. Turns out the only feasible location for the pole barn was less than 10 feet from our beautiful vegetable garden. We had planned to garden there for the next few years, but as soon as the barn goes up there won’t be enough sun for vegetables to thrive.

As we were driving home, I said to my husband, “The only way to avoid this situation from happening again is to buy our own place.” In a serious voice he said, “Start looking.” After I confirmed that he wasn’t joking, I contacted our wonderful realtor and set her loose on the hunt for a new home. We looked at five different properties and made an offer on the fifth one and it was accepted on July 5th. We closed on July 31st and moved in on August 7th.

The house was built in either 1900 or 1920, we don’t know for sure. It was recently remodeled. The kitchen is big and beautiful and has a window over the kitchen sink. When I wash dishes, I look over an Alfalfa field. It is beautiful! The best part is our lot is 3.4 acres and there is at least one acre that gets full sun all day long. It is flat and the perfect place for a gigantic garden.

We are so thankful to our neighbors for letting us garden on their land this year, and thankful they are putting up a pole barn. We would not have started looking for a new place without that push. Turns out unanswered prayers are a real thing. We now have an actual Tiny Homestead and will continue with our plans to offer CSA subscriptions for 2021.

Stay tuned for more stories of our mid-life crisis/homesteading adventures!

* Sorry this post is so flat. I’ve been trying to find time over the last two weeks to write it, but with moving into a new home, this was the best I could do. The continuing story posts will be much more fun. I promise!

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